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Playtech Extends Contract with RAY

RAY is a strategic Playtech partner, demonstrating our strong position in Regulated Markets.”

New licensees include existing online operators upgrading or diversifying their offering, land-based casino groups, government sponsored entities such as lotteries, and new entrants making their online gaming debut, particularly in newly-regulated markets.

Playtech (LSE: PTEC), the international designer, developer, licensor and provider of software and services for the online, mobile, TV and land-based gaming industry, announces a two-year extension of the Company’s contract with RAY, (Finnish Slot Machine Association).

For the past three years, following a public tender, Playtech has been providing RAY with its leading Casino and Poker products according to Finnish regulation.  RAY’s overall gaming revenues have increased significantly by integrating online gaming into its entertainment portfolio for Finnish consumers, without compromising business development across Finland’s land based gaming operations.

Pelham Bell Pottinger

David Rydell / Olly Scott / Guy Scarborough     


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SOURCE Playtech

     (Logo: )

For further information contact:

About Playtech

The Group’s capabilities enable the delivery of an integrated software or turnkey solution, with players accessing online, broadcast, mobile and server-based gaming terminals through a single account.

Founded in 1999, Playtech is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has over 2,700 employees located in nine countries. Its leading gaming applications include casino, poker, bingo, sports betting, live, mobile and social gaming, casual and fixed odds games.

Playtech develops unified software platforms and content for the online and land-based gaming industry, together with providing a range of ancillary services such as marketing, hosting and CRM services.

LONDON, April 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Playtech Ltd

Mor Weizer, Chief Executive Officer

Ron Hoffman, Chief Financial Officer

c/o Pelham Bell Pottinger

+44(0)20-7861-3232.  During this time, RAY has had great success in the market with almost EUR50m GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) reported for 2012 alone.

Adam Kay, Head of Investor Relations  


Shay Segev, Playtech’s COO, commented, “We are very pleased that the partnership between the two companies has remained strong and that moving forward, we will continue to see the relationship grow.  With the recent launch of  Playtech’s  Mobile Casino, RAY will have yet another platform to drive revenue and engage players in the Finnish market for years to come

Striving to Win: We Could All Take A Lesson From Horse Racing’s Most Loveable Loser

Horse handlers say this is a sign that an animal is pleased with himself. But occasionally, we push ourselves too hard. Some people in the sport said he

shouldn’t have been allowed to compete at all. If you have done your best, no one can ask any more of you. making the effort to win is.” With only a few

exceptions, Zippy Chippy has always made the effort. Why? I believe it’s because they recognize a little piece of themselves in him. Be proud of what you do. greater than the toughest Olympic

feat. And despite the fact that he is not a first-place winner, fans have come to love this horse. Wise people throughout the ages have urged us to compare ourselves only to ourselves, or risk bitterness and despair. We are driven to succeed. But the fact that he came in second six times against some of the best in the business argues otherwise. He’ll be striving to

win as long as they will let him; you can bet on it.

On reflection, I can’t help but think that part of the blame has to fall on our society.

We are a culture obsessed with winning and success. In other words, Zippy Chippy just loved to race, no matter what the outcome.

Zippy Chippy is a racehorse, even though some would argue that point.

In 100 professional races, he never won a single time. I have seen people agonize over their financial goals as though nothing would be right until they achieved them. The 21-year-old All-American Thoroughbred now resides at Old Friends, a central Kentucky retirement farm for retired race horses. Still others have admitted neglecting those who are precious to them just to take their business or a personal goals one notch higher.

During his prime, Zippy Chippy was described as “ugly, stupid and nasty,” yet he still had an international fan club. Be glad that you can run the race.

Vince Lombardi, the larger-than-life former coach of the Green Bay Packers, once

said, “Winning isn’t everything . He stole the hats of adults who passed by his stall right off their heads just for fun, but was described as gentle and loving with his owner’s daughter. Zippy Chippy came in second in six races, but refused to leave the gate three times. They know he is giving his best, and so are they.

Deep down, we all know different. . We know that there are days when, for some

people, just getting out of bed is a great victory … One only has to see a round of the Special Olympics to know that true heart

doesn’t come only in first-place packages.

So, what does horse racing have to do with our everday lives? Americans always try to be winners. . So whether you win, place or

show this month, remember the horse that never gets discouraged. Nor am I saying we shouldn’t always aspire to be the best. Enjoy the day. I’ve yet to hear of a single boat that has ever left the shores of the United States carrying people desperately trying to get to a ‘better’ place. We glorify winners and demonize losers. But I do think it’s time we rethink the idea that occupying the number one position is the only truly respectable outcome.

Maybe we can take a lesson from Zippy Chippy. No matter what his

showing was in a given race, he was always pleased with his performance. Those last incidents saw him banned from racing in upstate New York.

So what’s so unusual about Zippy Chippy? It’s his attitude. After a race, Zippy Chippy would prance and strut, holding his tail high. I’ve heard others put down their own businesses or occupational efforts in comparison to the next  person’s. But to go to work every day, to open a business, to raise a family, to provide some vital service to the community, or to create a work of art are all phenomenal things to do, regardless of whether our financial or other goals stack up with people down the street. His fame as the loser who wouldn’t quit, along with his quality of always being happy with his own performance will be used to raise funds for other retired race horses that need a home..

We can always improve our lot. Here, second best is equated with ‘also ran.’ I’m not saying it’s any different or better elsewhere

Horse Racing Tested by the Test of the Champion | Steve Malkenson

I was 9 years old. Once in a very long while I even won. My father would give me $1 to bet, and on the rare occasion my horse was close to the lead the excitement was electric. What I didn’t know couldn’t hurt me, or change the experience.

All this knowledge makes it harder to experience the same pure joy I felt back at Saratoga when I was 9 years old. The energy as the horses came down the stretch was palpable. In those days the horses were saddled under the trees in an outdoor paddock open to the public. You can’t give up hope.

. It was hard not to be taken by the pure majesty of the horses. There was nothing between you and them but a warm summer breeze. The excessive use of (legal and illegal) performance-enhancing drugs to keep the horses on the track. On Saturday I be attended the Belmont Stakes for the 40th time. Rushing 2-year-olds to run before their bodies are sufficiently mature to endure the stress. It was unadulterated joy! I could delude myself with the idea that my superior insight had noticed what other bettors had missed! The total experience was bliss. The unacceptably high rate of serious injury and death suffered as a result. But at its best I still marvel at the simplicity and purity of the sport, and more importantly the dignity and beauty of its athletes.

Over the years as my naiveté diminished, I gradually became aware of the realities of the sport and the way its heroes are abused and mistreated for our pleasure. The way many thoroughbreds are discarded or even euthanized after their racing careers are over and they are no longer of economic use. You could stand 6 feet away from the greatest thoroughbreds in the world. Because of the possibility of the first Triple Crown in 36 years, tens of thousands attended for the first time.

I first went to the racetrack in Saratoga Springs, New York in 1958. The sport attracts, and reflects, the best and the worst of us.

I’ve come to realize one of the appealing things about horse racing is that it is a perfect metaphor for life, warts and all.

And then came the races. Their simple beauty, grace, stature, power and dignity were overwhelming.

As they ran the race, I rooted for three things — all the horses return safely to the barn after the race is over, a triple crown for California Chrome, and most importantly, that horse racing starts to address the serious reforms necessary to make it a safer, more enlightened sport.

I’ve always been attracted to long shots

Video Poker Hand Analyzer – Wizard of Odds

Each game starts with a default paytable, which you can modify by double-clicking a prize and replacing it with the desired prize.. This means Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, etc.

After you have selected the category and the game, you must enter or modify the paytable. For example, classic 5-card draw poker, Five Aces Poker, or Quick Quads.

After choosing the category, you must select the game itself. Javascript must be enabled in order for it to work.

Next, choose the five cards in the hand you wish to analyze by clicking on them, and then click Continue to analyze it.

Welcome to the video poker hand analyzer. Here is how you use it:

After you have chosen the category and game, and entered the paytable, click Continue to proceed to the hand selection.

After the analysis is complete, the results will appear beneath the hand.

The first step is to select the game category

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Furnishings Without High Price Tags

Comes in Pewter, Gunsmoke, Taupe, Midnight and Sunset colors.

Contact: 888-637-7000

Lands End, $29.50

Cow suede moccasins comes treated to brush off a drizzle and clean up quickly. Fiestaware was introduced in 1936, with original colors of red, yellow, light green, cobalt and ivory. The padded hardwood frames, double doweled joints, and corner bracing is filled with cotton/polyester upholstery. Using inexpensive material keeps the cost of making glass low. Made from Earthenware in Indonesia. The all-vintage American steel pieces were refurbished. It comes in Charcoal, Dark Brown, Tan, Black and Dark Garnet colors.

Contact: 800-960-9418

Black and White Pottery

Twenty Gauge, Basket Lockers, $520

This locker is made from steel. Made in Los Angeles.

Contact: 888-213-0800

Nesting Bowls

Rev. She says there are pros and cons of having either type of item and it is up to you to decide which meets your needs.

Country Living has a regular column called “Double Take” that features two household items, one of which is either an antique or from a well-known designer. Copyright 2002 CBS. Tully leads the way as pallbearers carry the casket containing the body of Walter Cronkite down the steps at his funeral at St. Bartholomew’s Church in New York on Thursday, July 23, 2009. The current design is simplified from the original.

Contact: 828-322-3480. Bauer started in 1885 and closed in 1962. They are hand crafted and hand blown. It features lockable doors, cord outlet underneath and a maximum load of 88 pounds. The towels are available in Eucalyptus, yellow, blush pink and pale blue colors. The corner is blocked. Its knob is inspired by an antique watch and its design is based on early 20th century work lamps.

Contact: 877-752-7575

Robert Abbey Lamp, $189

The lamp has a brushed chrome finish over a steel brass lamp. All rights reserved.

Merrell, Jungle Mocs, $65

The original, water resistant pigskin leather slips on and off easily. They are hand made but fired in an electric kiln.

Contact: 800-88-8218

Lillian August Collection, Lewiston Chair, $1,000

This Lewiston is an eight-way hand-tied chair. The glass is named Mosaique. AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Looking for a new chair or lamp for your home, but don’t want to pay designer prices?

Country Living magazine’s editor-in-chief Nancy Soriano showed some great looks on The Saturday Early Show that resemble designer home furnishings without the high price tags.

The Saturday Early Show: displayed the following items:

Soriano says the reasons for the price difference vary. The hardwood frame is screwed, the down blend and its legs are exposed. Ten years of apprenticeship is required before becoming an officials glass blowers. Sometimes an item requires assembly. It is made in Republic of China.

Contact: 800-345-4500

Pharmacy Lamp

Super Chairs



Mediterranean Living, $101.25

Large pitcher with polka dots. The glass is made in Baccarat, France. They are dishwasher safe and come in lead crystal.

Contact: 800-777-0100

Libbey Inc., $3 each

The glasses are name Fiare. The USA-made dishes are not safe for dishwasher, microwave or oven.

Bauer Pottery Company, $28-$32

Re-issued from Bauer, popularized in the ’30s just after the depression. Most of its decorative art glasses are made from a general formula and can be found around the household in the forms of drinking glasses, plate glass windows.

Bath Towels

Ralph Lauren Home, $450

The antiqued-silver finish lamp is 40-inch high. The chair requires an at-home assembly.

Contact: 800-345-4500

Mood Indigo, Fiestaware $295-$465

Mood Indigo is an antique store in SOHO, New York City that deals mostly with kitchenware. The other item is usually very similar in appearance but much less expensive.

Double Old-Fashioned Tumblers

The White House, Washington $48

The towels are made of 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Contact: 800-916-1986

Spiegel, Pillowtop Chair, $459

The walnut baluster legs is inspired by mid-19th century Victorian Design. Made from Earthenware in Morocco by hand (hand made, hand thrown, manually spun, hand painted, hand fired in a wood fired oven)

Ronnie’s Ceramics, $40

Polka dot medium water pitcher. They are made in Belgium.

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Martex 5-Star Hotel Towels, $19.99

Baccarat $250

Crafters in Baccarat are part of generations of glass blowers. It is very heavy.

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IKEA, $99

The steel, lacquer, top panel locker has particleboard insert. The 37-inch high lamp is based on an industrial work lamp from the 20th century. Microwave and dishwasher safe: Not Oven Proof. Other times it is an imitation of a designer item. Orange, blue yellow, turquoise are the original nesting bowls set from Bauer. William McD

The Funniest Mitt and Ann Romney Interview Ever Involves a George W. Bush Massage

Do you keep up with the Kardashians?. What’s his go-to karaoke song?

Ann: Well, it’s Western. Last one – should I just pick one? Blackberry or iPhone.

Michael: I didn’t write the question

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Romney:  Probably Nelson Mandela, a world hero.

Ann: George W, and he was covered up but I was so embarrassed that the next time I did see him I didn’t know what I was going to say to him we were going down the elevator from the White house going to an event together and I walked up to the elevator and am just like blushing, blushing, blushing and he looks at me and he winks as he does and says, ‘I look pretty good, don’t I.’”

 Get more pure politics at ABC and a lighter take on the news at

Kelly: What’s your favorite junk foods?

Romney: I’ll tell one of hers…

Ann: [inaudible] I do love donuts, and they love me too.

gty snooki jt 120826 wblog The Funniest Mitt and Ann Romney Interview Ever Involves a George W. And Anita and I were like we wonder what's behind this door? It was George Bush having a massage.</p>
<p>Romney: Uh, let’s see. Let’s see. Rare occasions.</p>
<p>Michael: What is your guilty pleasure?</p>
<p>Kelly: There you go. There can only be one? Sometimes it’s how often can we keep going over this is a problem or that’s a problem. [inaudible]</p>
<p>Ann: That’s what Mitt considers a healthy snack.</p>
<p>Romney: I’m kind of a Snooki fan. She’s energetic. It’s random.</p>
<p>Romney: oh, that’s right. She has piled up… [crosstalk] no I think for her maybe Michelle Pfeiffer.</p>
<p>The interview, set to air on Tuesday, should really just be read in it’s entirety. (coughing) I heard that. She raised your five sons.</p>
<p>TV Show?</p>
<p>Ann: Oh, about Mitt. My life is trying to impress Ann so I make very little out of the fact that she squeezes the toothpaste from the middle.</p>
<p>Ann: I bet Gene would really think that would be a great idea.</p>
<p>Ann: Oh he’s made it easy for me, Gene Hackman.</p>
<p>Ann: He doesn’t like the way I squeeze the toothpaste. Especially if we’re riding, you know, trails on the mountains.</p>
<p>Romney: Absolutely, absolutely.</p>
<p>Kelly: Who would you pick to play each other in the movie?</p>
<p>Michael: Does Mitt snore?</p>
<p><object width=

Romney: iPhone

Ann: iPhone

Romney: I hear the best answer is as little as possible.

Ann: On rare occasions.

Romney: Reese’s Peanut Butter cups that’s not really junk food but that’s a favorite.

“I’m kind of a Snooki fan,” he told co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan.

Romney: Uh, Peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate milk.

Romney: No question about that, that’s Ann, that’s Ann. Look how tiny she’s gotten. Below is a rough transcript.

Kelly: Wow — good for you. Bush Massage”/>Bobby Bank/WireImage/Getty Images

Ann: Who keeps up with the Kardashians? Who can keep up with the Kardashians?

Kelly: That’s actually perfect.

Romney: Really? Really?

Sep 14, 2012 1:39pm

Romney: No to play me! Oh to play her? Oh!

Kelly: Who hogs the blankets?

Kelly: I heard your second favorite was Kelly & Michael. I went into one door, I was with Anita Perry by the way I’ll put blame on her. For me my favorite actor is Gene Hackman, so I’d like Gene Hackman.

Ann: Donuts for me.

Kelly: What’s the most embarrassing thing besides this show you’ve ever done?

Romney: Modern family.

Ann: Yeah, we love watching.

Michael: Ann, What does Mitt wear to bed? [LAUGHTER]

Michael: If you could go to dinner with anyone who would it be?

Ann: Mother Theresa. She’s lost weight. And as soon as he puts his leg over the saddle, sits on that horse, out it belts.

Ann: We had the unbelievable pleasure of spending the night at the white house and the next morning I was like, exploring everywhere. And she takes a lot more blankets than I do. [APPLAUSE]

Romney: You know what was that movie he was in Birdcage when he… Does Mitt sing in the shower?

Ann: No but he sings. Let me think about that. It’s just random. Like, OK, keep looking at the good side.

Kelly: I’m going to pick one more last one. She doesn’t go from the bottom and work up and she leaves the top off.

Kelly: She’s busy. Bush Massage” width=”478″ height=”269″ title=”The Funniest Mitt and Ann Romney Interview Ever Involves a George W. And that’s true in my life. We horseback ride, trail ride sometimes. And I was supposed to be at meetings and Mitt was like Ann you’re supposed to go, and I said no, I’m exploring. Maybe it was just in my own head. Just her spark-plug personality is kind of fun.

Michael: Alright, favorite football team?

Kelly: Which George Bush?

Kelly: Is this your first marital fight?

A round of rapid-fire questions on an upcoming episode of the “Live! With Kelly & Michael” began with Mitt Romney listing his guilty pleasure as “peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate milk,” featured him accidentally suggesting Gene Hackman should play his wife in a movie, Ann’s admission that she once saw President George W. Giants, but for me it’s New England patriots. Woody Allen said that 95% of history is explained as a man trying to impress a woman. [inaudible] can we go back in history?

What is your biggest pet peeve with each other?

Kelly: You’d like Gene Hackman to play your wife?

Romney: Sorry about that, Mr. Bush getting a massage at the White House, and finally, a pretty remarkable declaration from Romney.

Michael: Ok the most serious question of all? Honey Boo Boo or Snookie?

Kelly: Do you know who either of these are?

Romney: I put up with a lot

Maftool turns tables in U.A.E. Guineas; Reynaldo, Tamarkuz stay hot

Fourth as the defending champion in the Golden Shaheen, he made a winning return in the Dubawi.

The about six-furlong dash featured a clash between past Dubai Golden Shaheen (UAE-G1) winners, and 2013 hero Reynaldothewizard capitalized on a fitness edge to deny 2012 hero Krypton Factor (Kyllachy) by a neck. Ironically, bin Suroor was equaling Mubtaahij’s trainer, Mike de Kock.

Bred by Gibraltar Group in Kentucky and sold for $775,000 as a two-year-old at Fasig-Tipton Florida, Reynaldothewizard is a half-brother to multiple Grade 1 queen Seventh Street (Street Cry) and Grade 2-placed American Story (Ghostzapper). Bin Suroor told that Maftool might have another run in between, with the March 7 Al Bastakiya the logical spot.

Godolphin and bin Suroor celebrated a triple on the program, with Tha’Ir (New Approach) and Songcraft (Singspiel) being the supporting acts for Maftool in a pair of turf handicaps. He captured the 2013 Mahab al Shimaal (UAE-G3) en route to Golden Shaheen glory, and was second in the same prep last year. “However, he is smart, very smart. fans — Darwin (Big Brown) and Romansh (Bernardini) — did not fare as well. (UAE-G3) in his stakes bow.

Songcraft spearheaded a bin Suroor trifecta in the about 12-furlong turf handicap. Kidder and J.K. Maftool was fifth in a soft ground Dewhurst S. Tha’Ir, who expressed his dislike of dirt when 11th in his Carnival reappearance January 22, was a different animal back on the lawn. Sam Hitchcott was aboard the winner, as Dobbs rode Layl, the 132-pound highweight who was conceding six pounds to Jeeraan. Trained by Satish Seemar and ridden by Richard Mullen, the Zabeel Racing International colorbearer rallied in a final time of 1:12 and remained perfect from two starts this Carnival. (Eng-G1) prior to shipping to Dubai, and his resume now reads 7-3-2-1, $250,964.

“He was impressive last time but this was a big step up. at Glorious Goodwood, the Godolphin runner delivered a strong closing kick and defeated stablemate Al Saham (Authorized) by a half-length. Rounding out the trio was Excellent Result (Shamardal), a further 3 1/4 lengths astern.

Bred by C. Guineas; Reynaldo, Tamarkuz stay hot

Tamarkuz has compiled a mark of 11-5-2-0, $244,825. Derby (UAE-G2), a race worth 100 points toward the Kentucky Derby (G1). He was coming off a 3 3/4-length decision in the January 15 Dubawi S., while Krypton Factor had not raced since his runner-up effort at Kempton October 8.

“Then he has picked up really nicely and done it well in the end.”

The top two were in a race of their own, for there was a 10 3/4-length chasm back to Ajwad (Not for Sale), de Kock’s other runner, in third. Thrice a winner over synthetic surfaces in England for bin Suroor, the chestnut joined Muhairi for the 2014 Carnival, only to be sidelined after hitting his head in the gate in his second Meydan appearance. Breaking like a shot for Paul Hanagan, the Kentucky-bred secured much better early position and overhauled Mubtaahij in a rousing stretch battle between U.S. His form as a juvenile was good and he is a nice horse.”

An impressive winner of a January 22 handicap over this metric mile in 1:37.47, the Musabah al Muhairi charge was always prominent from his inside draw, began to get away from the field on the far turn, and drew four lengths clear. and Linda Griggs in the Bluegrass State, Maftool was purchased for $260,000 as a weanling at Keeneland November. Two runners well known to U.S. Their dam is multiple stakes victress and Grade 2-placed Holiday Runner (Meadowlake).

“He is obviously a real favorite in the yard and a horse we all like,” Mullen said of Reynaldothewizard. Tamarkuz resurfaced 10 months later in a January 8 handicap, finishing second to unbeaten Faulkner (Pivotal), and he’s since won two in a row by a combined margin of 8 1/2 lengths.

“Jeeraan ran well for us on his last start behind Layl,” Hitchcott said. He is the first registered foal from the unraced Without You Babe (Lemon Drop Kid), a half-sister to multiple Grade 1 star and $1.9 million-earner Stay Thirsty (Bernardini) as well as Grade 3 scorer and classc-placed Andromeda’s Hero (Fusaichi Pegasus).

Gold City (Pivotal) was best of the rest, with 3 3/4 lengths to spare over third-placer Empire Storm (Storming Home). Songcraft, successful in the 2013 Grand Cup at York, has also placed in seven stakes, including two editions of the Dubai City of Gold (UAE-G2).

Top sire Speightstown was also recording a Group 3 double on Thursday, thanks to his nine-year-old son Reynaldothewizard’s victory in the $200,000 Al Shindagha Sprint (UAE-G3).

Trainer Doug Watson saddled two winners, taking the opener and nightcap to bookend the evening’s racing. The five-year-old was most recently a distant third to Layl in his comeback from a 10-month holiday.

The rubber match between Maftool and Mubtaahij could come in the March 28 U.A.E. The dark bay was previously a staying-on second in the six-furlong Sirenia (Eng-G3) over Kempton’s Polytrack to Burnt Sugar, but the passage of time, and added ground, have worked in Maftool’s favor. It is just that stall issue you have to think about but hopefully he still improving and learning.

Reynaldothewizard has now bankrolled $1,858,285 from his 23-9-2-2 record, which reflects a third in the 2008 Saratoga Special (G2) before shifting tack to Dubai. The ability is certainly there and hopefully we can focus that in the right direction.

Bred by John D. “That was his first run of the season and we expected improvement. Under James Doyle, the five-year-old rolled to a 1 3/4-length victory while finishing about 10 furlongs in 2:02 2/5 on the good course.

Godolphin’s Maftool (Hard Spun), third to Mubtaahij (Dubawi) after flubbing the start of the January 15 trial, turned the tables with the help of a first-time visor in Thursday’s $250,000 U.A.E. With Pat Dobbs in the saddle, the former German highweight juvenile stopped the clock in 1:49 2/5 and advanced his record to 16-5-1-1, $325,386.

Maftool kept his head in front of his stubborn foe, who gamely attempted to come again on the rail. Freshened since a fourth in the August 23 March S. Greeley mare With Intention, an unraced half-sister to Grade 2-winning sprinter Abraaj (Carson City) and Grade 3-winning juvenile Leelanau (Carson City).

“I am not sure we have seen the best of him yet.”

“I was always happy,” Doyle said. Hopefully he has more to offer.”

William Buick guided Songcraft home in 2:30 4/5, helping the seven-year-old up his line to 25-8-3-4, $607,243. Early leader Burnt Sugar (Lope de Vega) faded to fifth in the strung-out field of seven.

Tha’Ir, perhaps best remembered for garnering the 2012 Chesham at Royal Ascot, also placed in the Champagne (Eng-G2) and Solario (Eng-G3) that season. Gunther in Kentucky, Tamarkuz was a $325,000 Keeneland September yearling. Godolphin’s second string, the newly blinkered Zephuros (Invincible Spirit), was fourth for Charlie Appleby. Triple Crown nominees.

“He is not the most straightforward,” Hanagan said of the five-year-old, who has had gate issues in the past. His scorecard stands at 22-5-4-2, $279,612.

Maftool was earning his second career stakes victory, following the Somerville Tattersall (Eng-G3) at Newmarket last September.


“The start was always a worry,” Hanagan said. “They went plenty quick enough up front and I was pretty happy out of my ground in the first half.

Watson stablemates Jeeraan (Distorted Humor) and Layl (Street Cry) fought out the finish of the first, a non-Carnival race, with the former showing great heart to fight back after being headed and get up by a nose on the line. He did not let us down and was very brave when I needed an extra effort from him.”

Hanagan later made it a Group 3 double on the card courtesy of Sheikh Hamdan’s Tamarkuz (Speightstown), who eclipsed his own track record when running away with the $200,000 Firebreak S. “The visor has certainly helped him today and won well. Tamarkuz clocked 1:37.45 to shave .02 off his mark, and stamped himself as a leading contender for the March 28 Godolphin Mile (UAE-G2).. A Shadwell Stud homebred sporting Sheikh Hamdan’s colors, Jeeraan negotiated about 1 3/16 miles on dirt in 1:58 3/5 and brandishes a mark of 9-3-0-1. Two Thousand Guineas (UAE-G3). Darwin, formerly with Todd Pletcher and Aidan O’Brien, retreated to seventh in his first try for de Kock. By completing the metric mile in a sharp 1:37 3/5 on Meydan’s dirt, Maftool lifted trainer Saeed bin Suroor to a record-tying fifth win in the classic. He is the first registered foal from the Mr. “He has certainly appreciated this return to turf and did that well. Romansh was eliminated early in this debut for Salem bin Ghadayer, appearing to clip heels and stumble a few strides out of the gate.

Maftool turns tables in U.A.E. In the latter, Limario (Areion) held the late thrust of de Kock’s Zahee (Dylan Thomas) in an about nine-furlong turf handicap

Northern Idaho Indian Tribe pushes back against video horse betting terminals

The machines were approved by state law only under a pari-mutuel betting system that removes the house in the equation and payoff odds are calculated by sharing the pool among all wining bets.

The tribes argue that the machines don’t use the type of wagering allowed under current Idaho law and operate too closely to a slot machine.

Les Bois earned more than $1.4 million dollars in the first six months of the machines being installed which helped offset operating costs at the track.

Former Idaho Horse Council President Ed McNelis said that the machines have enough interest in the gambling community and explained, “Idaho has the 13th largest population of quarter horses in the world. And, we have the highest, per capita, horses to people in the world.”

Horse racing representatives helped pushed the legalization claiming that the wagering would save the horse racing industry after race tracks noticed declining numbers in attendance.

The State Affairs Committee will have a hearing for the bill in the next couple of weeks to decide the fate of the machines.


The tribe’s lawyer brought a bill to the Idaho Legislature asking to repeal the instant racing machines after the machines were legalized in 2013.

However, Bill Roden who is representing the Coeur d’ Alene Tribe, explained that the machines weren’t what the state thought they were going to be and said, “Many legislators have indicated to us, and we share that belief, that we were really fooled and it was deception that actually resulted in the law today.”

Betting machines found in Les Bois park and two other horse racing tracks in Idaho that encourage gambling with simulated horse races, could be going away if a Coeur d’ Alene Indian Tribe has their way in 2015.