Nebraska college football player dies after practice

Chadron police and the Dawes County Attorney’s office are investigating Goll’s death.

“Our hearts are broken for Eric’s family. Chadron State College says it will cooperate in the police department’s investigation.

CHADRON, Neb. Randy Rhine said in a statement.

Arrangements for memorial services are pending.

No cause of death was announced. — A football player at a small college in western Nebraska has died following the team’s practice Thursday.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to Goll’s family, teammates, and friends from the entire Chadron State College community,” Chadron State College president Dr. They have our condolences and our prayers,” Long said in a statement.

Chadron State College officials said 20-year-old freshman Eric Goll of Haines City, Florida, was taken from the practice field to Chadron Community Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at about 12:30 p.m.

The school’s football coach Jay Long said Goll was one of the happiest people he had ever met.

How To Bet on MLB Baseball

And baseball lines are available daily, allowing both novice and hardcore sports betting fans to get in on the action with moneylines, totals, runlines, and futures.


Betting on the moneyline in a baseball game is as simple as picking an outright winner. During the offseason, the regular season, the pennant races, and the postseason, sports bettors can wager on who will win the next World Series, league pennants, and division titles.

In the above example, the total is set at 8.5 runs but the OVER is favored, requiring a $130 wager to win $100.


The MLB runline is a 1.5-run spread on a game, as seen in this example:. Oddsmakers establish a betting line representing the total number of runs, with the sports bettor wagering either OVER or UNDER that number.

Moneyline odds can also be attached to the line, as such:

Boston 8.5o -130

New York -1.5 +110

Boston +170

With even the best teams typically losing about 40% of their regular season games, regularly siding with big favorites can be a risky proposition for novice sports betting fans.

While the Yankees may be -200 moneyline favorites to defeat the Red Sox, their odds of winning by 1.5 or more runs could be dramatically longer, and may even make them underdogs, while the Red Sox could lose the game by a run but pay off as a favorite.


Baseball futures betting is available all year long. Conversely, a Red Sox victory would win $170 with just a $100 wager.

For example, let’s say the New York Yankees are hosting the Boston Red Sox:

New York 8.5u +110

Odds can change daily in MLB futures betting with current performances, injuries, and personnel moves playing key roles in where the sportsbooks set the lines.

New York -200

Handicapping small favorites and underdogs, particularly home underdogs, while watching out for good pitchers on bad teams, can go a long way in helping you steadily build your bankroll.


MLB totals betting allows you to wager on the total number of runs that will be scored by both teams in a game. A successful MLB betting strategy takes into account the performance of starting pitchers and bullpens, team home/away records and head-to-head records, and what to expect from each team’s offense.

The above game line means a bet on the favored Yankees costs $200 to win $100. However, there’s a price attached to wagering on a moneyline favorite, which will always pay less than a winning bet on an underdog.

Boston +1.5 -140

During the summer months baseball takes center stage, offering sports bettors a variety of unique wagering opportunities

Analyzing the Horse Betting Odds Today

Just don’t forget that payoffs use the actual odds and are rounded down to the nearest nickel or dime depending on the rules at that track.

The odds quoted will tell you the amount of profit you will get and the amount you have to bet to get it when horse betting.  Thus, 6-5 means you will get $6 profit for every $5 wagered.

1-5 $2.40 8-5 $5.20 6-1 $14.00

1-2 $3.00 2-1 $6.00 8-1 $18.00

Total pool: $900. This money is used to cover the state and local taxes, purse money for the horsemen, expenses at the track and the track’s profit. If you really must find the exact odds, just calculate the exact odds on your horse and subtract the take from the total pool.  Then subtract the amount bet on your horse to give you the amount of cash to be paid out.  Divide that figure by the amount bet on your horse to get the exact odds.  This figure will always be rounded off to the nearest dime (usually) or nickel as mentioned above before the payoffs are calculated.  Ask yourself, is it really worth the extra effort for the amount bet?

 Amount Bet on that horse.

Total Win Pool and the

We have a chart here that will help you out on your payoff but note that your actual payoff may differ slight from the chart since the odds at most racetracks are rounded off, also depends on which sportsbook site you joined in. Before the racetrack pays off the winners they deduct the “take” which generally comes between 14% and 20% and is different for every state. Round this off to $1.50 for breakage and you get odds of 1.5-1 or 3-2 as it would normally be written which yields a payoff of $5.00 on a $2.00 wager.

3-2 $5.00 5-1 $12.00 50-1 $102.00

3-5 $3.20 5-2 $7.00 9-1 $20.00

Here is a sample:

7-5 $4.80 9-2 $11.00 30-1 $62.00

6-5 $4.40 4-1 $10.00 20-1 $42.00

$900 – 15% = $765

Pay-offs for $2 win bets:

2-5 $2.80 9-5 $5.60 7-1 $16.00

$465 / $300 = $1.55

It is quite surprising how many horse bettors out there do not understand horse betting odds at all.

4-5 $3.60 3-1 $8.00   10-1 $22.00

Knowing your actual pay off when you bet $3 on a race will be enough to give you an edge and start to wager smartly.

Amount bet on horse #1: $300

Calculating the exact win odds on a horse will require you to know the following such as;

1-1 $4.00 7-2 $9.00   15-1 $32.00

$765 – $300 = $465

A fun way and exciting way to earn money is to be on horse races. People who bet on horse races take time to understand horse betting odds and use it to their advantage.

Take amount: 15%


The Total Win Pool is all the money bet on all the horses to win, but is not necessarily the amount that will actually be paid out to the holders of winning tickets

College football coach dies after Parkinson’s battle

“I feel very protective of the girls, and I want them to know how loved they were and how special he was, to be able to be those kind of human beings that will change the world, too.”

One of the most emotional letters came from former Boston College player DuJuan Daniels, a national scout for the New England Patriots.

Their struggle with the disease also inspired Maura to make the lives of other Parkinson’s patients better.

“We keep saying over and over we’re going to be all right.

“I am happy to call you two my ‘little sisters.’ “

“I knew he would look after me, just like he promised my mom, sister and grandmother he would with me being hundreds and hundreds of miles away from the only place I had ever known,” Daniels wrote.

Hadley only knew him with this disease. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2006 and retired from the football field in 2013. You two, along with your mom, Maura, are forever entrenched in it,” Daniels wrote.

When Horton went into a hospice home on May 15, family friend Melanie Walker offered a way for the girls to remember their father forever. One of his players, Russell Wilson, now quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, quietly came over to help the coach.

The story left Horton embarrassed, but it inspired his wife to create MagnaReady, a line of shirts with magnetic buttons for people with disabilities.

In addition to her work as the MagnaReady CEO and fighting to raise Parkinson’s awareness, Maura Horton is fighting to keep the memory of her husband alive for her girls.. The coach offered him career advice and treated him like “part of his family.”

Daniels wrote about how Horton came to his high school in Indiana to meet him and how he later helped ease the player’s cross-country move to North Carolina.

Even after they parted ways, Daniels wrote, Horton called him twice a month in the 14 years that passed since his last game at Boston College.

One day, after an NC State game, Horton’s limited dexterity prevented him from being able to button his shirt. “He was a guy that could be tough as a coach, but he’d ask how your family was doing. They sought in vitro fertilization, and Hadley was born.

“In a football world where players are treated as numbers, you treated us as people, and stood out,” wrote Ryan Utzler, former running back at Boston College.

“He would be very proud of these young men for helping take care of his girls,” Maura Horton said.

Horton, 58, spent a decade coaching at Boston College and six years at North Carolina State University. He really took the time to get to know everybody.”

A dozen or so former players sent the family letters describing what the coach meant to each of them.

Daniels said he felt safe and cared for. If you knew Horton or want to share a message, the family asks that you email

“With Coach Horton, it was the way he made us feel outside the meeting rooms and practice fields,” said former Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Paul Zukauskas. She asked friends, family and former players to write letters to Horton’s daughters, sharing their favorite memories of the coach.

Horton’s wife hopes his legacy will be a lasting one, for their daughters and the world. As of Wednesday, the fund had raised more than $42,000 for the family.

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive lineman Gosder Cherilus and former New York Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka are among Horton’s former players who have donated to the cause.

When Daniels suffered a career-ending knee injury years later, Horton was there to support him, he said. I’m not going to give in,” the 46-year-old said between tears.

When Zukauskas, now a high school football coach in Massachusetts, learned of Horton’s illness, he called the coach’s wife, Maura Horton, to see how he could help.

Zukauskas, Ricky Brown and Al Washington, all former players from Boston College, set up a GoFundMe page in April to raise money for hospital expenses and an education fund for Horton’s two daughters. Many of the letters noted the same thing and suggested why: Horton believed in his players, or his men, as he called them.

“I can assure you that your dad, Don Horton, had a heart of solid gold. It was his diagnosis that drove the Hortons to “complete the vision” of what their family was going to be, his wife said. I’m not letting in, because it’ll just be me single parenting. Ten years after his diagnosis, Horton died surrounded by his two daughters and his wife.

“They need to be who they are going to be but with the values that Don wanted them to have: education and perseverance.”

What worries Horton’s wife most is whether Libby, 13, and Hadley, 8, will know who their father really was.

“When I sat down with your dad that day at my school, I knew he was the coach that I wanted to follow,” he wrote to Horton’s daughters.

Football wasn’t the only thing Horton cared about, he added: “He cared about school, he cared about your family, he cared about you, the kid he was welcoming into his family.

“People can make such a difference in such a short time in life,” she said

A New Wave: Sports Arbitrage Trading

This article was posted on March 08, 2006

When starting out in sports arbitrage trading, many people don’t have a clue as to how many bookmakers to use and how much money to place with each bookmaker and how to fund the bookmakers. Either back through Neteller or back through Firepay.

Your money comes out of the bookmakers account the same way it goes in. Because the odds are different for each bookmaker, there is profit to be made, hence the arbitrage.

Arbitrage trading does come with a risk, but the risk is much smaller than actual gambling or betting. Usually a spreadsheet with all of the bookmakers’ login information and passwords works well. The reason for this is you are going to want to place your funds with the bookmakers that generate the most arbitrage trading opportunities.

A New Wave: Sports Arbitrage Trading

 by: Timothy Rohrer


<< Back to “Online Business” Index

While doing sports arbitrage trading, one important thing to remember is to have some kind of organized system so that you can log into bookmakers sites quickly. It’s not necessary to know exactly what sporting events are coming up, but if you have some knowledge of big games and tournaments, usually this is a good time to trade and where you will see some high percentage arbs. It’s important to watch the bookmakers closely before placing any money with them. Once these accounts are funded, you can then fund the bookmakers you have chosen to deal with. Obviously placing your money with bookmakers that have more arbitrage opportunities means more possibilities to trade on. Usually a lot of bookmakers will allow you to withdraw once per month free of charge. Sports arbitrage trading is not to be confused with gambling which carries risk. Sports arbitrage trading is when a two bets are placed on the same sporting even with different bookmakers.

The next question a lot of people ask is how do I fund the bookmakers? There are two ways to fund the bookmakers. Many bookmakers charge a small withdrawal feel that can easily be compensated for. If you haven’t heard of it already, it’s not a new concept but the possibilities seem endless. You can use either Neteller or Firepay, both of which are similar to a paypal account.

Finally, to maximize profits, you will need to start with a few bookmakers.

Sports arbitrage trading is starting to spread across the internet like wildfire. Spread funds around the bookmakers and try to keep withdrawals down to once per month

How Top Stop Gambling Tip #4

Group support is truly important as a tip in how to stop gambling. Just to review the first 3 tips. Gamblers Anonymous is a good place to start, and there will most likely be at least a few Gamblers Anonymous groups in your nearby area.Why would you need a support group to help you stop gambling? For one, many of the Gamblers Anonymous veterans have learned how to stop gambling over time, and are living proof that life is better after you quit gambling.

Michelle Tee is a self-help coach and author on the subject of gambling addiction .

In stop gambling tip #4, you want to look into a support group that will assist you in your decision to quit gambling. You will know that if you go back to gambling after you quit gambling that you will need to let your group members know. If you are looking to stop gambling and have not had success in the past, visit her site today.

Author’s Bio: 

Stop Gambling Tip #2: Make a decision each morning that you will not gamble that day. Make sure all waking hours are covered.

Secondly, many people benefit from a group setting and can help themselves better with the support of a group. Remember that self-help as well as group help is really a powerful combination and should definitely be considered as one of your solutions to stop gambling.

I need to state, however, that if you return to gambling after you stop gambling that the Gamblers Anonymous support group is still very accepting of you when you come back to a meeting.

Thirdly, there is accountability to others besides yourself after you join a Gamblers Anonymous 12 Step program. This can deter you from a gambling addiction relapse because you will not only not want to dissapoint yourself, but disappoint the group as well.

Stop Gambling Tip #3: Plan out your day, in 15 minute increments if you have to. Remember, you have decided to stop gambling, and each morning you need to remind yourself of this.

This is the next section of my series on how to stop gambling tips. Although stopping gambling can be done alone through a strong conviction and good self-help program, group support can be a welcome addition to your treatment plan.

This 12 step group does not encourage a return to gambling, however, the group members want you go go back to a meeting without feeling judged so you can continue in your mission to quit gambling.

Stop Gambling Tip #1: Admit that you have a gambling problem first, and make the decision to want to stop gambling.. Stick to your schedule rigidly

11 Great Day Trips From Boston

Boston Harbor Islands – Just offshore from

Boston is a series of islands awaiting exploration. Make sure you reserve some time to

just relax at the beautiful beaches.

4. In addition to the museum, you can visit the

quaint town and the parlor that inspired the movie Mystic Pizza.

9. In addition you can visit many other

historical sites and museums in this small New England town. During the Halloween season,

special events in Salem make this town a great place to visit.

5. If you live in Boston some of these ideas may

give you a new trip to add to your own favorites.

10. Both these parks are

located just over an hour west of Boston..

This tribally owned casino is the largest in North America – eat your

heart out Vegas. This

beautiful coastline offers a taste of Maine complete with a rocky coast,

beaches, lighthouses, and of course lobster. Gloucester is just a 45 minute drive from

Boston. For more information there are a few informational

websites that give an overview of the region.

11. For those looking for a slightly more

adventurous trip, the Cape Cod Central Railroad travels from Hyannis to Buzzards

Bay and includes dining and a comfortable way to see this region. Newport, RI – This beautiful coastal town

is a mixture of mansions, museums and an exciting downtown. This museum

includes ships and real demonstration of maritime life. A daily ferry provides passage to many of

these islands for only $14 for adults. This is a combination petting zoo and elaborate

cornfield maze. Mystic Seaport, CT – For a taste of

New England’s maritime tradition, you can visit Mystic Seaport. Amusement Parks – If you’re looking

for a little excitement for you and your family, several amusement parks are

within driving distance of Boston.

Throughout the summer months these islands play host to various events

including music, sports, and natural habitat exploration. The town celebrates

this history and you can participate by visiting Plimoth Plantation, where you

can see reenactments from this historical period. Gloucester, MA – Touted as America’s

Oldest Seaport, Gloucester is an artistic community with a maritime

flavor. If you are looking for a city to use as a

base for your next vacation Boston may be your best bet. Six

Flags New England is located near Springfield, MA just under 2 hours from


It is also perfectly located to venture out and explore all New England

has to offer. At the

lake you can hike, swim, fish, golf, visit an arcade, or just relax.

Boston is a

great city with many things to see and do. If you have a car you can simply

drive and stop along the way whenever you choose. There are many great towns

and beaches on Cape Cod you can visit with countless ice cream parlors you can

test. The town is lined with shops

and restaurants and has many festivals and events during the summer

months. Not only is there

plenty of gaming, but Foxwoods includes nightly entertainment, a salon/spa, and

great dining. Salem, MA – If you are interested in

history, you may enjoy a trip to Salem, MA just 30 minutes north of Boston. Lake Winnipesaukee – Located in NH, picturesque Lake


comprises 72 square miles of water, includes about 253 islands and is

surrounded by 3 mountain ranges. Don’t miss the museums or the

Man at the Wheel Statue located down on the waterfront. Plymouth, MA – If you remember your

elementary school history, you are probably familiar with Plymouth, MA and the

arrival of the Pilgrims. This historic Seaport town is 2 hours from

Boston and is the home of the the Museum of America and the Sea, America’s

largest maritime museum. You can tour the mansions or simply take in

the sites as you drive around the town, or simply walk the cobblestone streets.

There are also several vineyards located

near Newport as well as several other agri-tourism sites. For a different type of

park, you can visit the Davis Farmland or the Davis Mega Maze. Southern Maine Coast – From Boston,

the Maine border is just under an hour. From Boston you can travel to the Cape in 3


If you are interested in outlet malls you can visit Kittery on your way,

or you can head directly to one of the beach towns of York, Oqunguit, Wells, or

Kennebunk. You can catch the ferry from Long Wharf in

Boston, or get more information on the internet.

7. There are many day trips

within just a short drive of the city, and most New England towns offer enough

sites to keep you busy for at least 1 day. You can also travel to Provincetown on the

tip of the Cape directly via a ferry from Boston. Newport

is a 1 hour and 30 minute drive from Boston.

2. Cape Cod – Just an hour or two from

Boston, Cape Cod offers enough activities to keep you busy for a week.

This is obviously a limited list, but includes 11 suggestions of great

daytrips you can take from Boston:

3. This historic town was the home of the Salem

witch trials in 1692. Foxwoods – For a unique New England

experience, you can visit the Foxwoods Casino. Several historic

sites including the House of Seven Gables, the Corwin/Witch house, and the

Salem Maritime National Historic Site are located in Salem and open for

visitors. For more information on

things to do in Southern Maine click here.

1. Plymouth is only a 45 minute drive from


The 11 Great Day Trips from Boston listed here are just a

few ideas of trips you can take from Boston.

8. The town is surrounded by water

and provides quick access to the sea with fishing trips, whale watches, and

boating. A little closer to the city is Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH only a 40

minute drive.

Whether you are interested in history, amusement rides, shopping, or the

outdoors, there is something for you to do within a short drive of Boston. From Boston, Foxwoods is

just under a two hour drive south.



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Online Bankruptcy TV channel reports on issues surrounding Bankruptcies and debt which the ‘Bankruptcy Community Blogs’ provide free blogging space for anyone from the Bankruptcy community.

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The Complete Guidebook to Betting Offshore

. It all depends

on the website and your issuing bank if a credit card deposit

will work. If you don’t know which books are quality,

well run businesses, we do have a sportsbooks

section which lists some of the superior offshore sports

betting books we personally bet at daily. This avoids

any misplaced bets or mistakes you may have made. We must warn you though; these days there are

plenty of sportsbook review sites on the Internet.

Just another reason why credit card depositing, should be a

last resort in terms of depositing. Stick with neteller or a

cashiers check as again these are the easiest and quickest ways

of getting your funds.

After a couple emails from readers who were contemplating offshore

betting we decided to write this piece. This

is the most important piece of betting offshore. Please

note if you deposited via credit card, it is mandatory for the

sportsbook to credit the full amount of the deposit back onto

your card before any other method can be used to receive money. We have been using Neteller for a few years now and

in our opinion is the easiest and fastest way to send funds

to and from a sportsbook.

After you have found the book that suits your betting needs,

you are going to need to sign up for an account. Some are quicker, some slower, just all depends

on the time of year, the sport the wager was placed on, how

busy they are, and how many graders the book has working. They will remind

you to add your account number when you send the funds to speed

up the deposit process.

Okay so now you have selected a sportsbook, signed up for an

account, and have money available to start betting, what’s

next? Well clearly it is time to start placing your wagers. After you

have verified your wager you will be able to hit the pending

wagers or open bets link and see all open wagers you currently


After you have registered for an account, you are going to

need to deposit funds into the offshore betting account. It is time to request

a payout. If

you don’t know which one to choose our personal preference is

Neteller. Each book is different

but normally clicking on the cashier or the deposit link will

inform you what methods they accept. Again some books may give free payouts for only

certain withdrawal methods while others may offer free payouts

via all methods. The first

problem with credit card deposits is some banks have stopped

allowing deposits to offshore betting sites. If you are not all that Internet savvy, most

books will allow you to call their 800 number and setup your

account over the phone. But again the online signup process

is pretty straightforward.

Once the game you bet on is over, you will be able to login

and see your new account balance. Most books will have it setup where you need to enter

your password or initials to verify your wager. After reading this piece of literature you will be fully

prepared to start offshore internet betting.

Bank wire is pretty self explanatory; you transfer funds through

your bank account to the sportsbook to start betting.

The first step is to choose a quality online sportsbook. Most of these

websites are owned by sportsbooks or affiliates and the advice

or suggestions they provide should be deemed biased.

For western union, you will need to contact the sportsbook

and request the receiver’s information. You always

want to stick with the big boys, books that have a good reputation,

excellent customer service, and that are rock solid financially. Much like paypal, (who no longer

accepts online gambling transfers) these 3 companies allow you

to send and receive money to online merchants instantly. It

is recommended to record all your offshore betting transactions

in a log to track performance, betting trends, and any information

you may need to look back on someday. All of the books listed

on are top notch and include a sportsbook review

so you can see all their company information, bonus plan, and

contact information.

Visa and Mastercard deposits are a little trickier. etc. Most of the offshore betting parlors offer 1 free

payout a month.

Each sportsbook has an easy to use wagering menu. You can click on any of the links above to visit each

website and see which one you are most comfortable with. The bigger books are pretty

good at grading wagers within a half hour after the sporting

event has ended. They are one of the few honest review sites

out there that doesn’t have an agenda or favoritism towards

certain books.

That pretty much sums up the offshore betting process in a nutshell. There are over

1000 internet sportsbooks out there today, most of which are

low quality books that don’t deserve your action. Quite frankly credit card deposits are becoming a

thing of the past since they always don’t go through and

the maximum deposit is usually pretty low.

If there is an offshore betting online portal you are considering

playing at, but isn’t reviewed or recommended by Maddux Sports,

you can check out a website called

for a letter grade. This is a pretty

simple process; they will ask you for your name, address, to

create a password, etc. This all depends on the sportsbook and you

should be able to view all their fees via the website. You will need

their name, city, country, and zip/postal code. If you still have any questions feel free to shoot us

an email and we can help you through the process the best we can.

As much as credit card deposits are a thing of the past, money

transfer through neteller, and

moneybookers are the ideal

way to deposit these days. The most common ways to

deposit are bank wire, western union, visa, mastercard, and

money transfer through online companies like neteller, and moneybookers. etc. We are calling it “the

complete guidebook to betting offshore” and it has already

been recognized as one of the finest pieces of information on

the topic of offshore sports betting throughout the betting


We thank you for taking the time to read our guide to betting

offshore. Most of our readers already know why you should be

placing your bets offshore, bonuses, convenience, reduced juice,

etc. Different

books offer different deposit options so you will need to see

exactly which methods your book does offer. You

transfer funds to your neteller, moneybookers, or firepay accounts

via your bank account and than use that money to deposit at

the sportsbook and start betting offshore. but a lot of players simply are confused on how to

do so. This is not essential

but highly suggested by Maddux Sports.

Okay so you have picked a few more winners than losers and

would like to collect some of your winnings. It should

be clean and concise so placing bets can be made swiftly and

with ease. They ask you for the pertinent

information, if you have ever made a purchase online it is the

same type of deal. Signing up for either

one of the accounts is a simple task and takes just minutes

to do so.

Lets face it after you win, you do want to get paid quickly

and hassle free